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HV Power supplies proven, advanced products from around the world. Within a supplier's product range, and occasionally between suppliers, there are often different solutions to a problem. We have many years experience in assisting companies find the best products for their particular application. We can tell you what works best, what local technical support is available and how to implement the most cost-effective solution for your application - just give us a call.


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Transformer controls

We recommend the REG-D and REG-DA series of voltage regulators for the control of transformer tap changers. They are one of the most popular voltage regulators, and are in use on all major Australian & NZ utility networks. While there are other solutions, REG-D/DA is the benchmark in reliability and performance.

Our regulators support simple voltage regulation - on single transformer applications through to the complex control of multiple parallel transformers. Temperature controls can be integrated into the REG-D and REG-DA regulators when you specify the TMM option.

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Transformer Condition Monitoring

Transformers are the most cost-intensive single component asset in power transmission and distribution and should therefore be supervised with special care. Analysis of the moisture and gases dissolved in transformer oil is recognised as the most useful tool for early detection and diagnosis of incipient faults in transformers. The cost-effectiveness of online dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is well known. HV Power represent (in New Zealand and Australia) MTE’s range of HYDROCAL brand: maintenance-free online DGA and moisture in-oil detection solutions.

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LV Regulators

LVRSys is a low voltage regulation system that can be used on all (230/400 V) low voltage distribution networks where voltage problems exist. With the proliferation of domestic solar generation and electric vehicle charging, there is a growing need for additional voltage regulation within these networks. The LVRSys product gives network planners a convenient solution that can be retrofitted to the distribution network to automatically regulate and monitor under or over-voltage conditions

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Resonant earthing and earth-fault detection

In Australia and New Zealand, there is an increasing demand to reduce the number of supply interruptions experienced by consumers. For Network owners there is also a statutory requirement to meet minimum SAIDI and CAIDI standards. One way of substantially improving these is to be able to operate the network safely and in continued operation in the presence of earth faults.

Resonant Earthing solutions are now engineered and delivered as complete systems for utilities by HV Power. Utilising products from A.Eberle and EGE, a Petersen coil is connected between the neutral point of the supply transformer and earth. This is controlled by the REG-DP/DPA controller which tunes the coil to match the system capacitance, thus compensating the fault current. Each feeder circuit is monitored by an EOR-D relay which detects earth- faults on the system and provides feedback via through SCADA interface to the network control centre.

Marketed under the name RE+DS (“Resonant Earthing + Earth-fault Detection Systems”), the individual components are also available for separate applications, such as Earth-fault detection and location on non RE+DS systems.

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Power quality instruments and revenue metering

Power quality field tools
We recommend and supply the PQ-Box 100 & PQ-Box 200 for portable field power/power- quality measurements. Highly robust, highly accurate and fully featured these devices are a must have for any utility customer. A great tool for network performance engineers, quality engineers, metering and commissioning staff. Simple to use, yet offering hundreds of different measurement, the PQ-Box will satisfy many needs within your company.

Power quality- permanently installed
The PQI-D and PQI-DA are our recommendation for permanently installed power quality monitoring devices, and can be used to monitor a single network point, or for complete network monitoring using distributed monitors. The PQI-D/DA also provide fault recorder functions, monitoring of power, energy, harmonics and network parameters.

Note also that our Nexus revenue meters and Shark 200 check meters also feature basic power quality functionality.

Network collapse prediction
For the early detection of blackouts, CPR-D monitors the dynamic behaviour of electricity grids, providing indispensible data for safe grid management.

Revenue & Check metering
Nexus series revenue meters provide advanced highly accurate revenue metering, together with optional power quality monitoring. The Shark series panel meters are a highly versatile meter, offering simple multi-function three phase voltage/current/power metering, though to energy, harmonics and power quality functions with data logging, limit-control, additional I/O and advanced communications options.

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