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HV Power Training Courses

To help you get the best from your new investment, HV Power Services offer training courses for either individuals, or groups. Below are some of the training courses we currently offer. If you have any training needs not addressed here, please contact Vladimir Brijacek, HV Power - Services Manager.

REG-D/DA Training Courses

REG-D/DA training courses are being restructured from our “Basic“ and “Advanced” format to give greater focus to the different aspects of settings, commissioning, and SCADA mapping. The more defined courses will better address the specific needs of engineers, commissioning technicians and SCADA technicians. Our courses now include:

REG-D/DA Introduction
This course is aimed at first time users of the REG-D/DA devices to allow them to become familiar with basic functions of voltage regulation, the various transformer paralleling strategies and transformer monitoring. Hands-on sessions will be provided to experience front panel controls, menu layouts and where to find information, plus the basic use of WinREG Setting software. 
(Maximum 10 participants)

REG-D/DA Design Workshop
This course is aimed at the design engineer who seeks to gain an understanding on how to integrate the voltage regulator into their project, what design considerations should be taken on-board to develop a “standard” design and how to calculate the settings required. 
(Maximum 6 participants)

REG-D/DA Testing and Commissioning
This course is aimed at power systems technicians who are required to install and carry out functional tests of a Transformer voltage control scheme through to commissioning and handover of the REG-D/DA units.

This course also covers the Transformer Monitoring Management (TMM) functions and the application of the REG-D/DA for complete temperature control of a transformer using fans and pumps. 
(Maximum 6 participants)

REG-D/DA SCADA Communication
Specific training for the SCADA technician/engineer with regard to integrating REG-D/DA into DNP and IEC 61850 environments. The course focus will be on the tools that are used, the applicable settings, and the common issues that affect the communication between the REG-D/DA and SCADA system. MODBUS, DNP 3.0 and IEC 61850 protocols are covered.
(Maximum 6 participants)

On Demand Refresher Courses

If you can't make a training date, or have a specific training need, then keep in mind our "On Demand" Refresher Courses. These offer the opportunity for six hours of one-on-one training in our Auckland workshop. If you’re flying in for the day we organise the training to suit your arrival and departure needs - allowing you to make it a low cost day trip to Auckland if needed. It’s useful to schedule a training visit to be "refreshed" on a particular topic, just prior to an upcoming project/maintenance work where you then put your training into action! While we will attempt to make these courses truly "On Demand", we do ask for a couple of weeks prior notice to confirm our availability. If however, a window of opportunity comes up with less notice, give us a call to see if we can help you.

The content of the "On Demand" courses are intended to be flexible to suit your needs e.g.: commissioning or testing on HV Power supplied equipment. This "one-on-one" training provides the opportunity to have a test run in our workshop. It is also a great environment to test various "what if" scenarios.

Our intention is to respond to your specific training needs, so email Vladimir Brijacek or give him a call (AUS 1-800 172 120) to discuss your requirements.


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